Katina Smith

Bangalow Creek Warmbloods

"I have been using Cytek for 10 years. This shoeing has been a major contributor to my success in the dressage arena. I believe that this gives my horses superior performance due to balance & longevity due to sole support. I am a member of NSW Dressage High Performance Squad & National Futures Squad with my FEI horse Just Dance. The balance & correctness of his gait have seen him win numerous championships through the levels & most importantly he has always remained sound. I also compete 4 other young horses which are also shod. My horses are always sound & very successful in dressage competitions across the country."

Lydia Jackson

Kingston Agistment Warmbloods

"I was having soundness issues with a horse that had OCD & a badly turned-in foreleg. He had been retired from competition & was not paddock sound. We thought we may have to have him put down as he was in much discomfort. That horse is now out competing again & has been an invaluable schoolmaster for his current rider. He is happy, sound & thankfully still with us thanks to Cytek. My eventer was also going through patches of being unsound, getting corns & pulling her shoes off. This is now a thing of the past & she is still being ridden & looking like a million dollars!"

Jan Merry

Mount Hunter, NSW

"Oakey, my 13 yr western trained paint horse, was diagnosed by the vet with founder & had bute injections. He could not walk, except on 18" shavings. Half an hour after his first new shoeing, he was walking & even jogged, with no soreness. Absolutely unbelievable results! I still can't believe the instant relief & results. My other horse, Rookie, was diagnosed with navicular syndrome. He was in moderate to severe pain despite corrective shoeing. After his first new shoeing, he cantered off & bucked. He is still fantastic, now gallops up to greet me & is able to be ridden & remain sound."

Linda Broadbent

Andalusian Stud

"My stud horse Dominguez became lame as a result of a navicular injury. After 3 unsuccessful surgeries & 2 1/2 years of corrective operations, he was still not weight-bearing on his near-fore & was on 5ml of bute daily. After his first Cytek shoeing he semi weight-bearing, by the third shoeing he was 90% sound & needed less bute. By 12 months his feet were even & the painkillers stopped having been on them for 3 years. Dominguez is now able to gallop around his paddock, fulfil his breeding duties & pose for glamour shots."

Lisa Figenschow

Show Jumper / Eventer, Norway

"Superb qualtity and performance allowing the horse to move naturally."

Phoebe McIntyre

Eventer, Australia

"My two eventers, one 1* and the other not far off, both sound as can be thanks to cytek shoes "

Gianluca Niccolai

Endurance, Italy

"Pisa San Rassore cei1* 90KM , 4TH place 2ND Italian Total speed 18,379 with last loop at 21,384 Thank you CYTEK Horseshoe Company."

Nicole Rothero

Horse Owner, Australia

"It's now been 5 years since my Arabian mare's laminitis diagnosis with full rotation on both fronts. No rotation, healthy pedal bones & one rideable, happy, sound horse. Plus one very, very thrilled owner."

Tania Beard

Eventer, Australia

"Here is a photo of my awesome horse Mocha. Prior to getting Cyteks she was barefoot which made her foot sore, even when she wore boots & she was mistaken for being lazy. When Cyteks were put on she picked up her game when she realised she didn't have to worry about where she was stepping & places in most competitions we go to. "

Amy Lewis

The Horse's Whisper, England

"After Cytek front shoeing and facet trim on the hinds, she walked and trotted up sound! I can notice a difference in her stance too. And she's still doing well a year later! Amazing job, thank you Cytek!
Immediate transformation!"

Charmian Orr

Dressage, Australia

"He has been shod for three years in cytek he is now Medium level in dressage and no stopping - going onward and upward."

Amanda Imeson

Horse Owner, Australia

"My almost 18 year old TB gelding still jumping amazing heights with my 11 year old daughter Shayelle with his Cytek shoes on!"

Mereth Sletten Hansen

Horse Owner, Norway

"My youngster has only been on Cytek. Ive started riding/training him. He is strong, and moving very well. My earlier horses went from rimshoes to cytek in 2008. I felt I was riding "a new" horse. They were floating forward instead of bumping forwards. They were standing more, inside and outside. Much more comfortable!"

Andrea Ashbaugh

Horse Owner, Ohio

"Can really see how the toe "self trims". Tended to relieve the toes with her leg just a touch out to the front. She now has a very consistent new frame since the shoes went on. She continues to have a much better balance in the faster gaits. I'm very happy!"

Rylana Stauffer

Endurance, Australia

"Here a success story of a team of competitors from the recent famous Tom Quilty Cup. Both these horses are training and competing in cytek shoes.
Noel Lockhart completed the ride in 10 hours and 17 minutes, 1 minute behind 1st place. Noel was actually leading the WHOLE way. Noel also received the best conditioned horse award on Lockleigh Park Silver Comet. Kirstie Lockhart my 13 year old sister completed the ride in 14 hours and 50 minutes on Suroco for 6th place junior. Should also note Comet has won his last 4 rides outright in fast times too. Cyteks are the bomb! We literally show everyone we meet now "

Jim & Jackie Edwards

Racehorse Trainers, Pennsylvania

After having an exciting and rewarding career in racing, we decided to retire Prinzac at the age of 14 years. He was in great shape and still in the top three. We wanted him to live the life of ease that he deserved, but that wasn't the case. He developed a crack in his right front foot. We tried expert farriers and a very expensive farrier but nothing worked until we tried Cytek Horseshoes. Today the crack that was in Prinzac's foot is all gone and he is completely sound. Now, we have peace of mind knowing that our Prinzac is enjoying his retirement. Thanks to Cytek, he is comfortable and happy and we are so glad to share this experience with other owners.

Desiree Herrmann-Fouquet & Fabio

Equestrian Perfomer

When our main Lipizzan stallion, "Fabio" came up lame, we were willing to try anything that would help ease his pain. Needless to say that before the week was through, we asked Casey to come back and re-shoe the rest of the horses. I have never seen such an incredible difference in our horses. They are so much happier, they seem to perform effortlessly, with less fatigue, they sleep standing up more and shift their weight, from side to side 90% less. Our Andalusian stallionalso no longer clips when he trots. We have recommended this system to everyone who has ever shown any interest in learning how to better the life of their horses, and will continue to do so for years to come. 

Sarah Parker & Lucy

Pedal bone rotation recovery

Lucy had severe laminitis to a point where both pedal bones had prolapsed on the front feet. We were told it would be easier for her and us to put her down. Shane however had different ideas, he was as determined as us to save this pony and that he did. He tended to her on a weekly basis. She became so sound that, within 6 months after shane first saw lucy , we tried her under saddle and she coped with it tremendously! This really is a miracle story, with Shane's tenacity and expertise and the world of cytek, we saved her and Lucy is now enjoying a lush green paddock


Horse Owner

Hoping for the best, my parents bought me a fox trotter that was having problems with his front right leg. The previous owner thought that the horse had some calcium deposits in the leg. Our farrier thought we might prevent lameness by starting him on Cytek shoes & he was right. When we showed the previous owner how well the horse was doing with Cytek shoeing, he couldn't believe it. Now we are going on three years with that horse and I love the way he rides. His gate is wonderful and he looks absolutely beautiful when he stands If my horse could talk he'd definitely agree.

Kathy Trainor  & Jade

Founder recovery

Jade is a beautiful cart horse but several years ago she foundered, abscessing in both front feet. She was in agony for over a month; and I was in agony along with her. I read a lot about founder and consulted with several vets and farriers. Everyone seemed to think Jade would never ride a trail or pull a cart again. X-rays indeed showed rotation in both front feet & my vet suggested that I try Cytek shoes on her. The farrier went to work putting front shoes on her. When he was finished and I walked her off, she was putting her feet down normally with no tenderness at all. He said I could start riding her anytime. I took her in the trailer out to my favorite trail and rode. She did wonderfully, and this time if there were tears, they were tears of joy, not sorrow. She is still fine now.

Christine Hippmann

Horse Owner 

I've been using Cytek since April 2016, when Bill came for the first time to teach me shoeing. Since then the horses have improved every day. As the hoof is completely sole-protected they can walk over stoney ground without harm. Also break-over point is put in the right place - so no stumbling and easier rolling is provided. Shoeing intervals are becoming longer as the hoof regenerates. And last not least - best thing is that, apart from the benefits for the horse,: I can shoe my horses myself! Horse owners should know about the anatomy of the hooves as there is no horse without hooves.