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The Benefits

Can Our Shoes Help Your Business & Customers?

The foundation to a successful business is quality service & customer relationships. We're passionate to help you provide the best of these to your valued customers. 

Farrier Q & A

What is the Benefit to My Business?

Provides an additional beneficial service that you can offer to your customers. 
Designed for every day use & suitable for all horses in all disciplines of work. 
Although not a remedial shoe, it can provide an effective solution to the array of hoof issues that are a problem for many horse owners.

How Will It Help My Customers?

Our shoe offers 2 valuable benefits to horse owners:

  1. It generates a stronger, more balanced hoof that is more resistant to hoof issues.
  2. Issues such as frequent stumbling, brushing, overreaching & being heavy on the forehand can be greatly reduced or eliminated.

Is the shoe fitted differently?

The correct positioning of the shoe is vital to ensure there is no initial sensitivity on the pedal bone / sole area. We are currently designing a video to demonstrate the correct placing & fitting. For support or to find a local farrier, please contact us.

What Tools Are Required?

The only tools needed are basic farrier tools.
No forge or shaping is needed as the ready-made shoes come in various sizes (from 90mm - 180mm).
The shoes just need levelling & pinning before being fitted.

How Do I Buy Shoes?

Shoes are available from our global distribution centre in Dubai, or regional distributors in USA, Australia & the UK.
To find your nearest supplier, visit our Horseshoe Supplies page.

What Is The Cost?

Our shoes cost the same as standard shoes, enabling you to offer an additional service at no extra cost to you or your customers.

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