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What Can I Expect From Cytek?

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Why  Cytek?
Our shoes enable a stronger, healthier hoof to generate to help prevent & remedy common hoof issues such as cracks, flares, abscesses etc.

Are Cytek Shoes Safe?

Yes, our shoes are specifically designed & extensively tested.  The shoes must be correctly placed & fitted. In rare cases there can be a transition period (see below).

What are the Main Benefits?

  • Healthier, stronger hooves
  • A lighter, more balanced gait
  • Prevention & remedy of potential hoof related issues.

Is Cytek Suitable for My Horse?

Cytek is suitable for all horses, including horses in all levels of work, from performance to retired. 
  • Competition Horses
  • Healthy Horses
  • Lame / Hoof Issues

What Changes Can I Expect to See?

An immediate transformation in hoof shape & an improved ability to move more freely & lightly.
Within weeks the sole will become thicker, the hoof wall stronger & the heels will widen.

Will it Affect My Riding?

Many riders experience a lighter, more flowing stride due to the difference on hoof shape. Brushing, overreaching & stumbling are often greatly reduced or eliminated.

Is It A Remedial Shoe?

No, our shoes are designed for every-day use, whereas a remedial shoe is used temporarily for a specific issue. However our shoes do bring many benefits that improve hoof issues.

Is There a Transition Period?

Every horse is a unique case. The majority of horses experience no sensitivity or lameness when transitioning to our shoe. However, in rare cases, there is a transitioning period while the hoof strengthens & regenerates. 

Can My Farrier Fit Them?

Yes, with knowledge of the correct placing & fitting of the shoe, any good farrier is able to fit our shoes. 

What is the Cost & Duration?

The cost & duration of shoeing is the same as traditional shoeing & should be in line with the standard cost in your area.

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