Before & After Photos

Phantom - Intermittent Lameness

Vet Diagnosed a Poor Chance of Recovery - Queensland, Australia 2017

Before: Near-Fore, showing brittle hoof wall, flaring, cracks / stress fractures of the hoof wall. Collapsed soles.

Before: Hind hooves showing brittle, distorted hoof walls, cracks & flaring, collapsed heels.

After: 3rd shoeing, Flares removed & near-fore cracks growing out. Consistently sound since the first Cytek shoeing.

3rd shoeing: Sole support & functioning frog, providing essential circulation within the hoof for healing & regeneration.

Phantom just after his 3rd shoeing (18 weeks since first shoeing). A relaxed, square stace from a much happier horse whose lameness was a thing of the past as soon as the first shoes were put on. 

Arabian Mare

Immediate Before & After Photos, October 2016, Dubai

Near Fore - Before

Excess toe, convex dorsal hoof wall, collapsed heels & bruising at the heel from landing heel-first. The owner reported that this mare was constantly stumbling. 

Off Hind - Before

Excess toe, distorted convex dorsal hoof wall, collapsed heels from hoof landing heel-first.

Near Fore - After

Compact hoof shape restored, excess toe removed, heel pressure removed & natural breakover point restored. The mare no longer stumbles.

Off Hind- After

Excess toe removed to restore natural breakover & relieve dorsal pressure. Ability for hoof to land flat restored, eliminating heel concussion. 

Thoroughbred, Lameness & Hoof Crack

May 2015, England

Before: brittle, cracking hind hoof walls & very thin soles causing intermittent lameness.

After: First shoes, off-fore, sole supported & hoof wall pressure alleviated allow it to strengthen.

After: Off-fore, crack completely grown out & hoof wall growing at a straighter angle.

Lame for 6 Months

Animal Health Trust, England

Different shoes had been tried to remedy the 6 out of 10 score for lameness throughout 6 months.

First set of our shoes fitted, removing excess pressure from the hoof wall & toe.

Within one week of the first shoeing the horse was sound.