Instead of causing the heels & frog to contract, our shoes enable them to regain their natural width & improve their function in protecting the hoof & limbs by absorbing shock & increasing vital circulation.

Proven to generate a thicker sole, for improved comfort & better protection of the inner hoof, reducing lameness or soreness caused by thin soles & providing better protection against collapsed soles & pedal bone rotation.

Proven to generate a stronger hoof wall, eliminating issues related to weakened hoof walls such as brittle, flaring, cracking or distorted hoof walls which can strain the laminae.

Eliminates pressure from the toe & allows the horse to roll the hoof more comfortably. As the hoof grows, the toe is able to be naturally worn away to maintain a consistent length in-between farrier visits. This enables a more consistent & balanced stride even 6 weeks after shoeing.